UV Rays Severely Impact Your Car’s Paint, You must Use Ceramic Coating For It

UV Rays Severely Impact Your Car’s Paint, You must Use Ceramic Coating For It

Your car may not be as massive as your neighbor’s. It may not even have an extravagant outside appearance as that car. But for you, your car is your love. It doesn’t only go where you go; it takes you there quickly and comfortably. We hear all the time that cars tend to have an unfavorable impact on the environment. But seldom do we get to hear about the effects that the environment has on our dear cars.

We all know that when our skin is exposed to the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun on a daily basis, it experiences problems such as premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, leathery skin, and much more. But do you know UV rays have a similar kind of effect, albeit slightly different in nature, on your car’s exterior? These rays oxidize and fade the paint of your beloved car. It will appear old and battered than it actually is.

For protecting the paint of your car, you should develop habits such as always keeping it inside a garage, car parks that are covered, or below a shaded area when you’re not using it. Doing this will not only help in keeping your car’s paint in good condition but also its rubberized trim and headlights.

Along with ultraviolet rays, other environmental factors that affect the paint of your car include dead bugs and bird droppings. But there are a couple of ways through which you can attempt to keep your car’s beautiful looking paint intact. Let’s take a look at them.

  • One thing you can do and should do is wash your car often. Using a hose, first, get rid of all the grit and grime. Then give your car a proper bath using a soft cotton mitt and a top-quality cleanser
  • Do not make the mistake of letting your car air dry as that can lead to spot damage, which is caused by minerals present in the water that you used to clean your car with. The best thing is to dry your car using a chamois or cotton rag using your hand

Now you must have noticed that we said you can ‘attempt’ to keep your car’s paint intact using the aforesaid methods. The reason why we said that is that although these methods are a must for every car, they do not guarantee full protection against repeated exposure to UV rays. What guarantees protection is a ceramic clear coat for cars, which we here at Inside Out Car Care provide.

Our ceramic pro coating will give your car’s paint multiple layers of protection. It is a super hard coating that will protect your car’s paint from scratches, and most importantly, from UV rays. With this coating, you can forget worrying about your car’s paint aging or fading in the presence of UV rays. Many of our clients have gone for this type of coating and are absolutely loving it as their cars look absolutely new even after being exposed to all sorts of environmental contaminants.