About Us

Inside Out Car Care is a leading car detailing service provider in Maryland striving to create value for you and your vehicular investment. We are passionate about delivering high-quality results; that is why our team uses the best quality products and techniques. Since 1981, Inside Out Car Care is thriving, breaking barriers and obsessing over the idea of creating a new era of car care!

The Eureka Moment

It all started with our founder Joe Farro, who realized his passion for cleaning and maintaining cars, and the industry in general, during his high school years in Harford County, MD, and while pursuing his college degree in Salisbury, MD.  Thus, he decided to launch Inside Out Car Care as a part-time business.

After graduating from Salisbury University in 1989, Farro noticed the excessive number of cars neglected by their owners. He instantly knew he could breathe life into them through the courses he took. By exploring various vehicle paints and detailing methods and techniques and taking regular classes and training, Joe honed his skills and decided to transition his part-time work into a full-time business.

A Step towards Success

Soon Farro got reliable insurance companies, expert professionals, and fleets on board, allowing him to provide advanced auto detailing and washing services to all residing in the Eastern shore of Maryland. Combining his knowledge and his team’s experience, Inside Out Car Care became one of the most preferred car washing and maintenance companies around town.

Our Staff & Services

Our professionally trained staff endeavors to meet each client’s individual needs and preferences in order to restore their vehicle’s look as though it just pulled out of the showroom. With mobile car wash units and dedicated DIY chat support, we ensure that the cars in our area look just as royal as their owners.

We offer the highest quality car interior and exterior detailing, ceramic coating, paint correction, and other car maintenance services at affordable rates. Our clients can trust us to provide tailored detailing solutions that fit their budget and exceed their expectations. But we don’t stop there! We donate over $1500 to local communities and schools to help raise the standard of living.

Our team strives to keep improving by staying up-to-date with the latest technology trends and modern car detailing techniques. We are proud of the milestones we’ve achieved so far!

Before we give away too many secrets, make sure to sign up on our website to stay up to date with the exciting car detailing features yet to come. If you want licensed and professional car detailers to maintain or repair your vehicle, feel free to connect with us today!