Had a full detail, inside and out, done on my 2013 Nissan Rogue last week. It looked like new, so good that I walked right by it in a parking lot after running some errands later that afternoon! ūüėā

- Kim Muraskin

Tammy Tolan Rudd  recommends INSIDE OUT CAR CARE.

I had them clean my truck which I seldom use and didn’t notice until I one day looked inside it that it had mold all over the inside interior. I guess I had left a door closed but not latched in the humid rainy summer. Inside Out Car Care made my truck look brand new again! The before and after was truly amazing. I thought I was going to have to scrap the truck but now it’s beautiful inside! I highly recommend them for any car cleaning needs.

- Tammy Tolan

June 12, 2018

- Kimber N Gibson

July 5, 2018

- Linda Faley Bigley 

June 11, 2018

- Jan Bellistri

 July 1, 2018

Was asked if I had bought a new car. Prior to that it never looked clean because of water spots and some oxidation and definitely looked 6 years old. I’ve got two kids that eat snacks when traveling a..

Was asked if I had bought a new car. Prior to that it never looked clean because of water spots and some oxidation and definitely looked 6 years old. I’ve got two kids that eat snacks when traveling and after school. So that means spilled drinks, gummy snacks, crushed goldfish, and so much more. The inside looks brand new. Very pleased.

- Shannon Noyce Polczynski

July 09, 2018
My first experience¬†with this company was impressive¬†– from choosing my package of services on their website, to making the appointment, to being greeted by name, and then the end result – they “over¬†deliver” and now they have my business for sure! Best attention to detail I have ever experienced. Oh….and their follow up, absolutely¬†impressive.

- Patti Collins Morgan

Phillip Montel Chandler¬†reviewed¬†INSIDE OUT CAR CARE¬†‚ÄĒ¬†5 star

March 29, 2018

Ceramic Pro was definitely the best decision. Worth every dollar.

- Phillip Montel Chandler

December, 2017

Unbelievable results and the best customer service! As a business owner myself I was blown away at the professional manner of the staff and follow up from the owner! My BMW looks amazing after they got all the scratches out!!!! The inside,,,Absolutely stunning!!!!!

I wouldn’t waste the time going anywhere else for your vehicle’s Detailing!!!! 10 stars, Brian Smith Muscle inc….

- Brian S

March 25, 2018

Got the interior detailed in my car and they did a fantastic job! They were super thorough, and the price was a great value for all that they did. Definitely¬†can’t wait to go back and get the exterior done!!

- Selena M.

Chris Clifford¬†reviewed¬†INSIDE OUT CAR CARE¬†‚ÄĒ¬†5 star

April 3, 2018

- Chris Clifford

March 2018

Took my Mercury Milan to Inside Out as the carpets had gotten wet from flooding. I. O.  C. C. did a great job and they did it in one day, They even cleaned off my center console which was above and beyond. Great job, gave me my options. I would highly recommend them.

Thanks Joe.

Allen U

- Allen U

· May 2, 2017

I took my GMC Acadia in for an interior detail, she desperately needed it. I am more than satisfied with the job I received from Inside Out Car Care. My car looks brand new, I will definitely come back. I highly recommend these guys to everyone, thank you!

- Kristan Wheatley

May 14, 2017 ·
Best car cleaning company I’ve been to yet. They got stains out of my seats that previous cleanings from other companies never came close to. Highly recommend, they were reasonably priced with fantastic results!


Two years ago, my dad put my brand new Jeep into a ditch the day after I brought her home. It was completely flooded with water, was covered in mud, and smelled like stagnant water. Took her to Inside Out and they did an amazing job. So when I needed the same Jeep cleaned and waxed, I took her back to Inside Out. Once again they did an amazing job. She looked brand new. They even got my Labrador’s hair out of the interior fabric and I thought that was impossible!

- Emily B

After I found a lot of water inside my car I took it to Inside Out. I could just pray that whoever I’m gonna talk to when I get there will understand that I have to leave the state and will take care of my car ASAP ! Guess what!? They did! I explained the owner what’s goin on and he took care of my car , being ready in 2 days ! Even that I saw that everyone was very busy at the car place they all answered to my questions and the owner never rushed me..even went the extra mile running water on my sunroof which was not his part to do really .. I’m really impressed by the overall service for my first time there! Deff recommend to everyone! Thank you Joe Farr and the Inside Out team!

- Woff Selecta

I got an inside and out detail here everything looks great and the best part is they finished it on time as they told me. Plus it was around december so I got a deal on the headlight restoration. Thanks good work!

- Kwasi K-Skeem Duah Dec 2016

I am never disappointed BUT I am always amazed how the guys at Inside Out Car Care can make my vehicle look like I drove it off the showroom floor!!! BONUS: They always greet me with a HELLO and a smile! A real ownership mentality that’s hard to come by these days! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

- Teresa P 2017

Hi Joe, you did a great job. I don’t smell the milk anymore. Thank you do much! I will definitely go on Facebook. Thanks again.

- Theresa 2016

I think the work you all did on my 2007 CR-V was outstanding. The car look almost new. I have already suggested my daughter bring you her Nissan.

- John C. 2016

Joe. Everything went well as usual. I tell all my friends and customers about how well I am treated there so we are happy to continue recommending you and even posting it when we do. Thank you. Bryan

- Bryan. 2016

Car was Wonderful! It was like i had a new car because of the work u all Did to it even though it Is 15 years old. Thanks so much i would definitely use ur services again. And i will pass The word around.

- Julie J. April 2016

- Francis D. Feb 2016

Quality, Customer Service, Thoroughness
‚ÄúWe brought two cars in yesterday for a variety of services. You did an amazing job on both cars!! I could not believe how clean and shiny they looked. They seriously looked like they were brand new. We will be coming back and we will be telling everyone what an amazing job you did on our vehicles!!!‚ÄĚ

- Sue G. Feb 2016

Joe just detailed my Jeep and did a great job!!! Even got the “jean fade” off my leather seats. Thanks!!!!!

Dec 2015

- Sandy V.

If you want a thorough detail, this is the place to take your vehicle. My car was a mess and the got it like new and take pride in the outcome. Great value. I have no regrets going here!

Jan. 2016

- Allison C.

Thanks Joe, received very good service

Dec 2015

- Stephanie S.

Thank yo so much , very pleased with work and you stand behind it.

Dec. 2015

- Patricia B.

I took my 2006 Ford Expedition in for a much needed detailing. What I got back was a nothing short of outstanding. Joe and his team a great job in making my truck look like brand new. Amazing and it was a project !! I would recommend Inside/Outside Car Care to anyone. In fact, I did so twice in the last week. Thanks Joe– I will be back sooner next time – I promise!!

- RANDY T. Sept 2015

I just bought a second hand 2006 CRV that was always kept outside. The inside was pretty clean and still looked new as it was not driven a lot. I wanted the outside to look as good as the inside. Inside Out did a great job with the exterior detail I had done. It looks great! The service was convenient as I was able to drop off and pickup after work. Staff was polite and professional, and the price was very reasonable.

Thanks Joe!

- Daniella A. Sept 2015

Very well satisfied.¬† Car looks like new. 90000 miles but drives and looks new! Now I don’t feel the need to buy a new car. only difference would be miles on odometer.

Dr. Alex

- Dr. Alex

We were very satisfied and are planning on bringing one of our other cars in this coming week. You were courteous, finished on time and the car looked great.

Jennifer H.

- Jennifer H.

Inside Out did an excellent job! Joe worked magic on the yellowed headlights, dull paint and layers of crackers in the seats! I’ll be back.

- Doug J. 2014


This is my baby Clementine after an awesome detail by Inside Out Care Care earlier this winter. I won’t take my care anywhere else for a detail ever again. It wasn’t this clean when I first bought it.

- Rota K. 2015

You guys did great!! My car looks amazing


Inside Out Car Care did a fantastic job on my SUV. They took a 2000 Ford Expedition with 214,000 miles on it and made it look brand new. Awesome job.  Oct. 2014


- Theresa H.

Joe and his crew have done a great job on several of my vehicles. Can't say 
enough good things, to summarize- looks like new !  Sept.

- Steve S.

Just had 2 vehicles full-detailed at Inside Out and were very pleased with 
results.  All staff was very pleasant & friendly.  Will continue to take our 
vehicles there.    Aug. 2014

- S. Boettger

July 2014
I was thoroughly impressed with the job that Inside Out Car Care did. They were 
extremely helpful and kind when speaking over the phone. They were able to pick 
my car up from my work place, clean it, and return it when done, and informed me 
every step of the way. I was very satisfied with the inside of the car. Top 
notch service all the way.

- Samantha Myszka

I was very pleased with the service and I traded the vehicle in and got top dollar for my trade.  Thanks again and I have already told a few friends about the great job yo guys did. Thanks

Robert T. 5/14

- Robert T.

I had my car detailed by Joe  in mid-March. Suffice it to say, my car needed  a
lot of help inside and out. I was so thrilled to get it back so clean and shiny.
They did a fantastic job. They also gave me door to door service by picking my
car up from the SU parking lot and dropping it off at the end of the day. I
recommend these guys highly – very professional about their business. I can’t
wait to take our other vehicle – a 15 yr old F150 – to Joe for its makeover.
Ann B. March 2014

- Ann B.


I have used these guys in the past and knew they did a good job then. However
this time I took an exceptionally dirty car there and challenged the the
technician when I dropped it off. He examined it briefly and said it would be
well taken care of both inside and out. He and the others were very professional
and courteous and when I picked it up I was more than surprised and satisfied
with the results. I have told so many people about not just the clean car but
they took car of it as if it were their own. I would definitely use them again.
Thank you for your service!



- B Murfree

I was really impressed at how well cleaned the interior of my Jeep was.  Got the
Jeep stuck in mud and muck which lead to mud and muck in the interior, but after
Inside Out Car Care every thing is good as new.  Thanks Joe I really appreciate it.IMG_20140203_104846_289IMG_20140203_115718_898

- Pat B. 2/4/14

Outstanding service and attention to detail!  Prompt, polite and easy to deal
with.¬† We were told we would receive good customer service.¬† We weren’t
expecting “world class” customer service!!!¬† I wouldn’t trust my fleet with
anyone else!


- Dry-tek Environmental

I was extremely impressed with the detailing that Inside Out did on my 4runner.
They somehow managed to remove every grain of sand from the interior and every
water spot from the exterior. It looked as clean as new, even better than the
day I bought it! Would definitely recommend Inside Out.

- Brian DelliGatti 1/16/2014

Joe has cleaned our cars ever since he opened! It was great when the kids were young and made messes and now that they have their own vehicles he is still cleaning up their messes! We all love how our vehicles look brand new when we pick them up! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

- Kathy Marshall October 2013

I had never had my car detailed before, and never knew if it was worth the money. Inside Out Car Care did a fantastic job, they totally blew any expectations I had out of the water. They went above and beyond with the cleaning. I picked package #5 because we are trying to sell an older Explorer thats been all over the country, and it looks like a brand new car! Stains I was sure could never come out are gone from the deep steam clean, every detail was taken care of. The interior and exterior were done to perfection. We loved the job so much, we brought our Honda Insight in today to get it detailed as well. I would recommend this place to anyone, because they have the right package deal for whatever you are looking to have done. I will continue to spread the word because not only did they do a fantastic job, the owner Joe was so great to work with and even sent a courtesy text to make sure I was satisfied with the work that they did! Its just an all around great business!

- Chelsea B.