5 Steps To Successfully Detailing An RV Exterior

5 Steps To Successfully Detailing An RV Exterior

Washing a car is one thing, but try detailing a Class A Motorhome RV and live to tell the tale – it’s a significant feat!

What is an RV?

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are mobile living quarters that can be towed or be vehicle units in themselves. They are most handy when camping, traveling, partying, touring, without the need for tents and all the privacy. The Travel Trailer is the most popular as it is economical and can be towed behind the leading vehicle. For the ultra-bank-balance-people and rockstars, there is the class A giant, The Newmar Dutch Star. Class A is the largest RV, class B is the smallest, while class C is medium. RV exteriors come in metal, fiberglass, or combos, and depending on their size, can have a range of amenities added.

Since RVs are travel-intensive vehicles, the distance, sun, weather, dust, and insects take their toll on the RVs exterior. At this point you need to either have it washed at a truck wash or go for a long finish with exterior detailing!

Steps for Exterior Detailing of RVs:

  1. Gather Equipment – Before detailing, ensure you have the suitable machines, tools, and shampoos on hand. Pressure washers with foam blasters and portable water tanks are a must. Have a 5-gallon bucket on hand just in case. Don’t use just any towel; get a microfiber one. Ladders, buffer, and stools are the last bit.
  2. Soaps & Waxes – Opt for a pH-neutral car shampoo that leaves a good shine on the surface without damaging the finish. A mistake people make is to use dish soap and water. This damages the surface by removing essential wax. A gel glosser and good-quality wax work wonders.
  3. Commence Hosing – Hose the RV, starting from the top. Hose the tires last. Allow time for the dirt, dust, and mud to soften. Then power wash on medium. Care should be taken to ensure the power wash is not so severe that it damages any decals. 2000 psi is suitable!
  4. Let It, Snow! – Use the foam blaster mode in the power washer to coat the entire vehicle except for the roof. Apply a specialized RV rubber roof cleaner that offers UV roof protection. Using Car Mitts, start from the rooftop and carefully lather your way to the bottom. Do not allow the soap to dry. Then power wash the soap off from roof to bottom. Before the water dries, get to work on drying the surfaces with the microfiber cloth. It’s best to have a couple of helping hands now!
  5. Onto the Polish – Mentally divide the RV surface into quarters and start on buffing section by section. For fiberglass exteriors, use gel gloss as a buffer, carefully avoiding over-buffing on any decals. For the rest of the RV, use carnauba-based car wax and buff at 2500 rpm. Please do not use a microfiber cloth to wax polish, as it removes the polish.

At the end of the 6–8-hour ordeal with the detailing, your rig looks as good as new and will last a couple of months of washes with the wax finish done right.

You have no idea how proud we feel when we detail a client’s RV and stand back to bask in the polished glory!

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