Winterizing Your Car: How To Avoid Winter Damage On Your Paint

Winterizing Your Car: How To Avoid Winter Damage On Your Paint

Winter just kicked down the door, which means that it’s time to get the car winterized. For some of you, this may be a new concept. Winterizing your vehicle is not just about making sure there are enough blankets in the backseat!

Inside Out Car Care shares ways to preserve your paint against winter damage in this blog post.

Whether you plan to take long road trips or park outside your home in Salisbury, MD, in freezing temperatures, these tips will help keep your vehicle’s coat looking shiny and new all winter long!

Tip 1: Clean Gently

Cleaning your car’s exterior is essential, but it becomes especially crucial during the winter months. When you wash and dry your vehicle before putting it away for the season, be sure to do so gently with a lint-free microfiber cloth or cotton towel. Don’t use any brush or harsh fabric as this can cause scratches and other damage to your car’s paint.

Tip 2: Dry Off Well

Winter’s favorites are snow and ice, which can easily cause stains on your car’s paint if not dried off properly.

Before driving or parking your car outside for a long time, take a moment to remove any snow or slush, which may have built up. This will help prevent water spots formation that can be difficult to remove.

Tip 3: Take Cover

When you’re not using your car, make sure to park it in a garage or put a cover on it. Parking it under a roof is ideal, but if you don’t have access to one, try parking it near a wall or some other form of shelter so the wind doesn’t hit your car directly.

Alternatively, cover your car with an old blanket or tarp when you’re not using it. This is a great way to protect your vehicle from the harsh winter weather, but be careful when removing or putting on the cover so you don’t scratch or scuff it.

Tip 4: Keep Waxing On

Regularly waxing your car will help protect the paint from the winter weather.

Make sure to use a good quality wax and apply it in the correct order (wax, then sealant). This will ensure your car stays shiny and new all winter long. Without a consistent waxing routine, your car’s paint can become dull and faded.

Tip 5: Watch Out!

It can be tempting to scrape the ice off your windshield or windows, but be careful not to damage the paint in the process.

Be especially mindful of metal ice scrapers, which can leave unsightly scratches on your car’s finish.

Instead, use a plastic scraper or an old credit card to remove the ice. These allow you more control and will minimize the risk of damage.

The Gist

Winter can be stressful for vehicle maintenance, but hopefully, with these five tips, you can keep your car looking its best all season long!

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional service to help preserve your car’s paint this winter, look no further than Inside Out Car Care. We’re proud to serve Salisbury, MD, through all weather conditions!

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