Why Your Car Needs Detailing This Fall

Why Your Car Needs Detailing This Fall

Winter months are particularly rough on your lovely ride. The dipping temperatures, the rough, icy roads, and salt — all of these do a lot of damage to your car than you think, weathering out your upholstery, revealing scruffy, amateur paint-overs, and wreaking havoc on your tires and car engine.

While regular car maintenance will help you to solve the latter operational problems, we suggest thorough interior details and paint correction job this fall to avoid the former problems from coming up!

In this blog, we will mention some of the reconditioning options that you can consider to ensure that your car is in top condition and ready to tackle the harsh winter months head-on:

Exterior waxing

Ice scraping on your car can lead to nasty-looking scratches. To avoid this, a layer of protective wax is recommended. This will ensure that there is a fine barrier between your car’s exteriors and the harsh weather elements.

Your car’s paint job and exteriors can also fall victim to the problem of rust if it is left bare and outdoors most of the time. Here again, car wax can come to the rescue. You will have a fresh, almost-new looking car wheeling out of the garage in no time at all!

Cleaning your upholstery 

Getting the exteriors of your car should be your priority this fall. But having the interiors cleaned up also has a lot of benefits, especially your car’s leather upholstery. Now is the best time to get it conditioned as dipping temperatures might cause untreated leather to dry up, causing cracks to appear.

Interior details and paint correction professionals suggest that you get the leather cleaned and conditioned when the temperatures are significantly higher. This will ensure that the leather absorbs the moisture and also dries up faster.

Vigorous floor & window/windshield cleaning 

The colors of fall bring in the possibility of dried leaves collecting innocuously under your car carpet. In addition to this, your car can soon become a hub of pollen if you park it under the shade of trees. This could lead to problems such as mold, bug infestations, and rot stains in the long run.

Carpet disinfection, steam cleaning and power washing — services that are included in interior detailing projects — will help to avoid these major headaches, ultimately saving you hundreds of dollars that you would otherwise have to spend to fix the damages.

In addition to this, colder days also bring in the possibility of reduced visibility when you’re on the road. This poses a significant safety risk, especially if you drive at night. Comprehensive windshield cleaning and water spots treatment will ensure that you have a crystal clear vision of the road.

These solutions will make your car look great 365 days a year, 7 days a week! If you would like to avail of our car detailing and waxing services, give us a call today.