Why Microfiber Should Be Your Go-To Car Cleaning Cloth Choice!

Why Microfiber Should Be Your Go-To Car Cleaning Cloth Choice!

Microfiber is excellent for cleaning the inside of a vehicle because it can get into tight spots and corners that cotton cloth fibers can’t reach. Without any risk of cross-contamination, the fabric can catch up to 99% of germs and dust particles with disinfectants. Its flexibility and ability to deliver immaculate surfaces, in particular, make it so popular among vehicle detailers. Furthermore, microfiber cloth is available in various weave grades for specific surface cleanings, including micro-chenille and waffle weaves.

Microfiber is manufactured from split polyamide and polyester fibers that are 200 times thinner than human hair. The microscopic tendrils literally scoop up water particles for fast absorption, catch germs, and remove oil and grease from surfaces that ordinary cloth and absorbent napkins can’t.

Though the material may feel like felt or soft rabbit fur, the technology behind this creative weave is as durable as diamonds. Microfiber is a godsend at Inside Out Car Care, where we use it copiously in our vehicle detailing.


  1. Fast Absorption: Microfiber cloth soaks up water at a much higher rate than regular fabric. We can dry automobiles without suffering from the undesirable air-dried water spots or ripples forming on the glass and body. 
  1. Wipes off oils, grease & dirt: Microfiber attracts dust and grime particles due to the static electricity it creates. We moisten the cloth and let the material’s positive charge attract the negatively charged dirt particles with a surface wipe. Central consoles, dashboards, and imitation leather upholstery may all be easily wiped clean, provided one is using appropriate EPA-certified disinfecting solutions.
  1. Results in glassy finishing: The fine grade of the product is excellent for distributing polish evenly on car surfaces since it provides more surface area to work with. The cloth alone ensures such smooth & streak-free wipes because it is not as abrasive as plain cotton cloth.
  1. Protects against scratching: You’ve undoubtedly seen micro-chenille car wash mitts. Microfiber is ideal for manual car washes since it captures surface dirt and encapsulates abrasive particles from scratching the paint. Cotton cloth is far too rough a grade on the microscopic scale, and that is why it causes scratches on an otherwise beautifully smooth car surface.
  1. Long-lasting: Microfiber may be a bit pricey, but it will last up to 150-200 washes before becoming threadbare in performance! In the face of material durability and increased business efficiency, the costs are well worth it.

Using microfiber at Inside Out Car Care is just one of our many more clever ideas & honest services! The rainy season is eased out come autumn, so give your vehicles the full detailing they deserve.

If you require our services, we are active in Salisbury, MD, so feel free to come on in for a free estimate and have a go for our extensive services. We offer paint correction & fleet detailing as well, so don’t hesitate to have us become your new best friends for spotless vehicle care!