Which ‘Mildewy’ Conditions Qualify Your Vehicle For A Mold Remediation Detail

Which ‘Mildewy’ Conditions Qualify Your Vehicle For A Mold Remediation Detail

Don’t even get us started on how ‘eerie’ mold can be. Belonging to the fungi family, mold spores are relatively harmless until they find a sheltered moist & warm patch; where to find all these conditions in a single place than in an automobile’s upholstery! Being organic, mold can make your vehicle smell – well – ‘moldy’. But that is the least of your problems.

We don’t want to alarm you with misinformation, but here is a checklist for you to determine how urgent you should schedule your mold remediation detail.

What do I Look for to Know My Ride’s Got Mold?

  1. If your vehicle’s HVAC gives off a strong smell like pickled sweaty socks, then you may have a possible mold infesting the filters.
  2. Notice strange crusty patches on the seat after that spill of soda last week? Yep, mold! Kids dropped food under the seat? Mold!
  3. Sunroof leaking after the rains, and you are too busy to have it fixed? Yes, you may have mold hiding in the vehicle.
  4. Flooding can cause mold in vehicles! Maryland had quite the car-mold epidemic after the Ellicott floods in 2018.
  5. Tried DIY cleaning your vehicle’s interior, too abysmally, and left for vacations, only to find a fresco of ‘Picasso from Hell’ on your upholstery upon your return? At this point, just set your car on fire!
  6. Sorry to break it to you so unceremoniously; certain mold species are pathogenic, meaning they can cause diseases in humans. Just keep a surgical mask on if the mold is black while you’re bringing the car for remediation.

What do I do for the Mold Temporarily?

Presenting you the anti-mold temp cocktail!


  • White Vinegar
  • Tap Water
  • Spray Bottle
  • Scrub Brush
  • Borax Powder


  1. Park your vehicle in a sunny spot, open doors, and trunks, inspect for the origin of mold. WEAR A MASK!
  2. Mix two parts of tap water with eight parts vinegar and pour in a spray bottle. Careful not to douse the electronics, spray over the moldy areas and let the spots soak for a good 15 minutes.
  3. Use the brush to scrub the vinegar onto the mold. Please wear a mask and gloves! Goggles too!
  4. If you have a wet-dry vacuum, use it to suck up the moldy bits and dry the interior.
  5. Dust borax powder on the affected (but now dry) regions, allow sitting for another 15 minutes, then vacuum that up too.
  6. You have temporarily arrested mold growth, but you are not an auto HVAC expert, so there is still remediation to schedule!

Need a Permanent Fix?

Inside Out Car Care is your knight in anti-mold armor! Book with us if you have a mold infestation and require a mold remediation detail in your vehicle’s interior. And maybe while you’re with us, you might like our other detailing services to get your car looking brand new!

We provide free estimates on the services offered, and we are active in the little town that’s too big for one state, Delmar, at the MD/DE border! Do get in touch with us to get that hellish mold out of your beloved automobile; then, we’ll talk about an excellent full-body detail!