Waxed Port & Starboard: 7 Steps To Detailing Your Recreational Boat

Waxed Port & Starboard: 7 Steps To Detailing Your Recreational Boat

Boat owners are always looking for ways to keep their boats clean and shiny. Waxing the exterior of your boat can help protect it from surface damage caused by environmental pollutants, saltwater, and other harmful substances. It also helps prevent algae’s growth, which causes a film on the hull that makes it difficult to see underwater hazards such as rocks. Whether you own a sailboat, powerboat, fishing boat, yacht, or something else entirely – we hope this blog post by the experts at Inside Out Car Care in Ocean City, MD, shares some tips on maintaining your recreational vessel!

1. Start with a rinse: The first step is to properly rinse the boat with clean water from top to bottom to wipe out dirt, loose debris, and accumulated organic material. A pressure washer is an ideal tool for this purpose.

2. Soap it up: Use a good quality cleaning liquid soap and gently work to form a smooth lather that will agitate the stubborn grime formed on the vessel’s body. Don’t leave the soap or its residues to dry out on the boat’s surface, as it will leave a horrible streak that might damage the finish and shine of the body paint. Hence, it is better to work on small areas to avoid this risk of body impairment.

3. Scrub it out: A quality brush will do the best job to help you scrub away any grime that remains. Make sure to use a marine-grade bristled brush for this purpose.

4. Hose it down again: Once you are satisfied with your cleaning efforts, rinse off all traces.

5. Buff out: To remove oxidation from the exterior surface, use a hand or rotary buffer to smooth it down to prepare it for the waxing phase of the detailing procedure.

6. Apply wax: Apply a liberal coat of boat wax and allow it to dry to a haze—buff off with a clean cloth for a high-gloss shine. The generous layer of wax will also protect your boat from getting short-term debris and grime, which means you will not need to detail it very often. Boat wax also provides additional UV protection to the body surface.

Repeat the process as often as necessary, but at least twice a year for best results!

7. Clean interior of the boat: Use a good quality multi-surface cleaner to delicately clean the most stubborn spots from the internal surfaces of the boat without damaging any area.

After your boat is clean and waxed, now it is essential to maintain its look and originality. Boats are constantly exposed to the blazing sun, so their body must be protected against UV radiations to prevent fading, peeling, or cracking of paint.

The Gist

Try these helpful tips to maintain your recreational boat in Ocean City, MD. However, you can also avail the of high-end detailing services to save your precious time. Inside Out Car Care provides complete interior and exterior detailing of boats by industry experts. Get your Free Estimate to avail of our services.