Top 5 Must-Have Services From Your Exterior Car Detailing Company

Top 5 Must-Have Services From Your Exterior Car Detailing Company

Exterior car detailing is an essential aspect of care for any vehicle. It not only enhances the appearance and value of your car, but it also protects your vehicle from harmful elements such as rain and sun damage.

As you may know, exterior car detailers do more than just clean cars. They also repair scratches, remove water spots and restore oxidized paintwork to its natural shine. A professional exterior car detailer will use products especially designed for exterior detailing to provide a flawless finish on your vehicle’s exterior!

In this post, we will discuss five services you should seek from exterior car detailers to know what to expect when hiring one!

1. Window Cleaning

Exterior car detailers should offer exterior window cleaning as a service. This is important because windows can get dirty due to debris, precipitation, and other contamination, making it difficult to see while driving.

Your exterior detailing company must make sure that all windows are clean for safety reasons.

2. Undercarriage Cleaning

Exterior detailing also includes exterior undercarriage cleaning, which means that the exterior car detailer should scrub and wash underneath your vehicle to get rid of dirt, grime, oil stains, or any other contaminant.

This service is crucial because it ensures proper performance for various components, including braking systems and the transmission. It also provides corrosion protection and may extend the life of your vehicle’s exterior.

3. Paint Correction

The exterior car detailer you choose should be able to offer paint correction as an exterior detailing service.

Paint correction is the process of removing roughness and swirls in your exterior finish by hand or by using machine polishers. The result, a flawless exterior automotive shine that lasts up to several years without waxing! It’s also very protective because it fills in micro-fine scratches that waxes and sealants can’t.

4. Exterior Polishing

Your exterior car detailing company should offer exterior polishing to remove swirl marks and light scratches that can be caused by car washing or regular wear on the finish of your vehicle.

The service should be thorough and consistent with protecting the paint, or your vehicle will not look as good or last as long without it.

5. Water Spots Removal

Water spots on the car’s exterior are ugly and unsightly. They can also lead to rust in some areas if left untreated for too long.

Water spot removal is an excellent exterior detailing service because it not only makes your car look better but protects the exterior finish from future damage as well.

Therefore, make sure the exterior detailer you choose offers water spot removal as an exterior detailing service.

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