Properties That Make Graphene Coating One Of A Kind

Properties That Make Graphene Coating One Of A Kind

For a long time, car owners used ceramic coating to protect their car’s paint against the effects of outside contaminants. While ceramic coating did offer some benefits, car owners wanted something better. To provide them with the kind of protection they have been wanting for their car’s exteriors, Glassparency has created graphene coating. Now, you have heard about this coating but do not really know what exactly it is. Don’t worry as in this blog, we will explain to you what it is and why this coating is the best kind of protection for your car’s paint.

So, what is graphene? It is basically graphite which has been reduced into a single layer, one atom thick. Once it is broken down into this form, it almost becomes 2 dimensional. Graphene is a carbon-based nanoparticle, which is developed and employed at a small scale. Its structure resembles to that of a honeycomb.

Now, why is this graphene so popular? First of all, it is important to know that this substance has been given the name, ‘miracle material.’ It is very light and very thin yet it is one of the strongest materials known to man. Steel is known for its sturdiness but you will be surprised to know that graphene is 100 times stronger than the strongest steel. Isn’t that amazing? Not just this, it is also known for its amazing flexibility and its chemical and heat resistance properties.

Now, how do all these qualities make Glassparency graphene coating for cars the best coating in the market? Graphene coating will easily fight off sunlight’s heat. A material’s wettability is measured through its water contact angle. Since graphene has a high water contact angle, it does not allow water spots to remain on your car’s exterior. Water won’t stick to the surface of your car; instead, it will run off easily.

Its incredible thermal and electrical conductivity makes it anti-static, which means it will push back small particles like dust. This feature of graphene coating will keep your car from accumulating too much dust. You do not need to worry about the problem of corrosion either. Since graphene doesn’t allow water to settle on it, corrosion cannot take place at all. And of course, it provides amazing glossy finish to your car as well.

If interested, you can get in touch Inside Out Car Care to get graphene coating done on your car. Once your car is coated with this material, you will realize how amazing graphene coating is and why there is so much hype about this material.