Professional Boat Detailing And Cleaning Services In Cambridge, MD

Professional Boat Detailing And Cleaning Services In Cambridge, MD

Just like your car, your boat too demands painstaking attention with timely detailing, to keep it in tip-top shape. Amidst the natural elements, your boat will be prone to excessive wear and tear; with water spots, algae, zebra mussels eating away at the precious paint and delicate materials on the interior. Once lost, the sheen and the impression would be hard to regain. With professional detailing and boat cleaning in Cambridge, MD, you can keep your boat looking fresh and new and in the best of conditions.

Boat detailing and cleaning isn’t only limited to outward aesthetics. There are a lot of other factors to consider. This is why it’s important to opt for the best boat cleaning service with significant expertise to understand all the nooks and crannies of boat detailing and cleaning.
If you’ve thought about giving it a go yourself, here are some simple steps you can follow:

Step 1: Start with a rinse

Rinsing your boat will remove loose debris and will clean the surface significantly. A healthy spray of clean water using a hose nozzle (pressure washer would be a plus) starting from the top all the way down to the bottom of the boat will set sail in motion for the next step, which is…

Step 2: Soap it up

After rinsing, the next step involves getting rid of stubborn debris/dirt from the boat surface. You need a quality boat cleaner that forms a good amount of lather to trap the dirt and clean the surface completely. However, it’s important that you rinse off the lather before it dries or else you run the risk of damaging the paint. Also, experts recommend avoiding soap or cheap boat cleaners as they can damage the overall finish. Always, lather small areas at a time and rinse it off before moving to the next area.

Step 3: Buff out

You may have seen a lot of boats with a slightly dull shine after undergoing a thorough clean. This is primarily due to the top coat, or lacquer which has lost its shine over the years. To bring the glossy look back, you need to buff the exterior by hand or using a rotary buffer. This step, which aims at removing oxidation, prepares the surface for the next step of the detailing process, which is waxing the exterior.

Step 4: Wax the exterior

Applying wax to your boat has two benefits. First, it brings back the showroom shine and makes it look attractive. Second, it protects the surface against dirt and grime, which means that you will not require boat detailing often. However, experts suggest using specialized boat wax instead of car wax or any other ordinary products

Step 5: Cleaning the interior

This includes a thorough cleaning of the carpeting and seating areas and is generally done using a steam cleaner. Some companies also include the trunk area in their interior detailing packages. Also the vinyl and leather in a vehicle should be cleaned, using pH balances chemicals, then conditioned. Frequent cleaning is recommended to prevent aging of your interior.

Bottom line

If you want to ensure that your boat looks new for years, make sure you give utmost attention to its detailing. However, if you don’t get time to take care of it, it’s advisable to opt for the best boat cleaning service and let them do the legwork for you.

If you are looking for boat cleaning service in Cambridge, MD, we can help meet your needs and let you take back home a newly looking boat.