Hast Thee Heard About The 4 Cardinal Sins Of Auto Detailing?

Hast Thee Heard About The 4 Cardinal Sins Of Auto Detailing?

You have probably seen car detailing commercials on TV or in magazines. They show car owners (usually rich ones) coming back to their car after being serviced and gushing about how beautiful it is. But what are the mistakes that car detailers make? It’s not too often that car detailing mistakes are discussed. There are four cardinal sins of auto detailing that we will go over in this blog post:

1) Cleaning Tires at the End of a Job

One mistake car detailing professionals should avoid is to clean the car’s tires at the end of their job. It will be more appropriate to clean this part first because if you do it at the end, all of the dirt and contaminants will splash up onto the car. You can choose to pre-treat this part or clean it last by rinsing after all car detailing services have been completed.

2) Applying Too Much Wax

Another car detailing mistake is applying too much wax. It will be hard to buff out any scratches or swirls in your car’s paint job if you do this. The best thing for car detailing services would be to apply two layers of car wax when detailing your car.

Some car owners like to add more than one layer of car wax because they think that if their car looks great with two coats, then adding a third coat will make the car look even better and shiny. This is not true, and it will only be a waste of good wax.

3) Using Ammonia Based Cleaner for Cleaning Windows

Another car detailing mistake that car owners should avoid is using an ammonia-based cleaner to clean their car windows. Ammonia-based cleaners are not recommended for car windows because they can cause the glass to oxidize, making your car’s glass look dull. This will make it harder for you to drive at night because there might be too much glare due to oncoming headlights.

4) Not Using Microfiber Towels

Car owners should also make sure that they are using microfiber towels. Microfiber is a material made from polyester and nylon, which makes it incredibly soft. Some car owners choose to use old t-shirts or regular towels, but these materials can scratch the car’s paint job. When car owners use microfiber towels to wipe the car’s surface, it will remove all dirt particles without scratching or leaving any residue. Microfiber is also very absorbent, so car owners won’t have to keep using paper towels to dry off their car’s exterior after washing them.

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