COVID-19 Car Cleaning Guide To keep Your Car Sanitized Amid The Pandemic

COVID-19 Car Cleaning Guide To keep Your Car Sanitized Amid The Pandemic

By now — in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic — you may have developed the habit of regularly washing your hands and sanitizing frequently-touched surfaces. But you may be overlooking one crucial thing — your car. And it’s quite understandable, as social distancing and work-from-home jobs have put “Driving” in the back seat. Still, regularly cleaning or sanitizing your car is critical, especially if you live in an area with high COVID-19 cases.

Regularly cleaning your car will not only eliminate the risk of spreading the virus, but it will also keep your car’s paint in good condition, which is vital for its overall appearance. If you like to get help from auto-cleaning services, consider visiting the one that follows proper COVID-19 preventive measures. But if you want to clean it at home, here’s how to do that:

Choose the right cleaning product

To ensure that there are no traces of COVID-19 on your car’s surface, use a cleaning product that contains at least 60% isopropyl alcohol, as recommended by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. If it is not available, use household bleach diluted with water as an alternative. Remember to use only five tablespoons of bleach per gallon of water when making the solution. Also, avoid using ammonia-based cleaners when cleaning your car’s touchscreen displays and use isopropyl alcohol or bleach solution only on non-porous surfaces.

Which areas to clean

Use a spray bottle and microfiber cloth to clean these areas of your car:

  • Door handles and windows
  • Cupholders and steering wheel
  • Gas cap and liftgate handle
  • All metal and plastic knobs, buttons, or dashboard
  • Car’s exterior following regular cleaning techniques

Sanitizing your car’s upholstery

While the best course of action to sanitize your car’s upholstery is to visit a nearby car interior steam clean shop, you can do it at home with soap and water. Make a light solution of soap and water and use a soft sponge to gently wipe down your dashboard and seat. Remember not to scrub the upholstery too hard as this will leave permanent damage to it. The gentle, circular motion should kill all the viruses and bacteria and leave your car’s interior looking and smelling great.

Wash your hands

Once you are done with cleaning your car, do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

If you want to keep your car sanitized and clean amid COVID-19, and looking for auto cleaning services, get in touch with us today.