Common Culprits That Bring Down Your Car’s Paint Quality

People get to know whether a car is new or old mostly through its appearance. You must have seen people asking some car owners about their car’s age as it looks surprisingly new to them. This happens because those car owners take great care of their vehicle’s appearance and they know what negatively affects its exterior.

There are certain things that can affect the quality of your car’s paint. It is important that you know what those common culprits are. In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at them. Let’s get started!

  • Drinks can spill on the surface of your car; it happens with many car owners. You need to be wary of coffee and soda as both of them are known for containing great amounts of acid levels. So when these spillover your car’s paint, they can very easily damage the paint’s protective layer and then cause corrosion after a while. Apart from this, there is also the formation of a sticky stain on the car’s surface as these drinks contain sugary. So when these drinks spill, immediately clean the area
  • The next culprit is bird droppings. They may not look harmful to you but the truth is that they contain acids too. And when you let them dry on your car’s surface, they become hardened and stick to your vehicle’s paint. So if you notice a fresh birds dropping on your car, immediately clean it off with a wet cloth. Even if it is dried up, use a wet cloth to gently clean the area. Car owners should know that having a graphene coating done on their car’s exterior will save their vehicle’s paint from the effects acidic things to a great degree
  • Every car owner needs to be super attentive when it comes to spillage stains of automotive oils, fluids, and gas. These things form a stain on the car’s paint and if this stain is allowed to rest on the surface, it can affect the coating on your car’s exterior. So quickly clean any spillage from the aforesaid things

Your car’s paint is bound to get affected as you daily drive it. One way you can protect it from outside contaminants is through graphene coating. At Inside Out Car Care, you can get graphene coating done at a great price. Not just graphene, we also do ceramic coating as well.