4 Winter Recommendations From Your Auto Detailing Experts

4 Winter Recommendations From Your Auto Detailing Experts

Winter’s arrival means wet, snowy, and icy driving. Auto detailing becomes twice as important in the coming months than it does throughout the year. And mind you, it means more than just keeping your car looking its best. You need to protect your car from various safety risks that accompany winter wear and tear.

There is plenty of information about auto-detailing that you must be aware of. But, for your convenience, Inside Out Car Care, serving Salisbury, MD, has compiled the following winter recommendations as an auto detailing expert!

Regular, Professional Car Washes Are Your Car’s Best Friend

Here is something interesting: while salt helps with preservation, you are to immediately remove it from your car. It promotes premature degradation of your vehicle. We bet you didn’t know about this nugget. So, it is the job of your auto detailer to inform you. So, what you need to do is to take your car for regular, professional car washes. Not only do they meticulously inspect your vehicle, but they will also take care of any underlying, hidden issues that may have skipped personal inspection. An auto garage will provide you with a thorough wash that will clean any salt, grit, and snow around your wheel wells, jambs, and other nooks and crevices.

Wax Is Like Clothing For Cars – All the Pros Use It

People who excel in their auto detailing careers harbor one secret – they use wax in their work. Car wax is developed to keep a car’s original built and finishing from the damages caused by salt and road grime. Auto detailing experts make use of high-quality sprays, sealants, and waxes after washing up a car to ensure that the originality of our cars’ finishing remains intact. So, make sure to have your auto detailer give your vehicle a good wax job.

Quit Ignoring Your Windshields – They Are Not Texts From Your Ex!

Good auto detailing also accounts for the importance of maintaining clean and strong windshield glasses. Our windshields are the most vulnerable to the vagaries of winters. Efficient use of water and ice-repellants that emulate the function of sealants keeps grime off the windshields. They also bead water to roll off and away, help push snow sideways for safer driving, and help with improving visibility – especially at night.

Try investing in ice-scrapers; they are built for safely removing ice that may accumulate over your windows and windshield glass. Paired up with a professionally applied repellant, you get a crystal-clear view of the road ahead. We work on windshield auto detailing as well.

Your Tires Are Crying Out In Pain – Treat Them for Road Salt, Ice, and Snow

Similar to protective waxes for car paints and windows, there are also solutions for your tires. There is the use of specialized waxes that help keep your wheels protected. The applied coating repels any snow and ice from sticking to the treads in the wheels and the wheels themselves.

Inside Out Car Care serving Salisbury, MD offers a wide variety of detailing services that you can opt for. Should you need an estimate, you can get one for free. We are only a click away, so message us, and we will get your car ready to face this winter.