4 Common Mistakes That Car Owners Make While Washing Their Vehicles

4 Common Mistakes That Car Owners Make While Washing Their Vehicles

It’s no secret that car washing is considered a chore. It doesn’t matter if you have a newer or older vehicle; there are always spots and dirt to remove before you start a complete car detailing job. While it can be fun to wash your car in the summer, you should have your vehicle professionally cleaned periodically.

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This article will discuss four common mistakes people make when washing their cars, which sometimes lead to the need of expensive repairs!

1) Washing Under Direct Sunlight

If you clean your car when it’s bright and sunny and the sun’s beating down on your vehicle, then the direct sunlight can cause spots on its surface. This is due to UV rays from the sun hitting dirt particles left by an improperly washed car and oxidizing them into brown stains. It’s tempting for some people to wash their vehicles outside so they can enjoy the warm sunlight, but this mistake will lead to more work later on. The best time to clean a car is either early morning before sunrise or late evening after sunset because at these times there is minimal exposure to UV rays which could damage the paint and other exterior surfaces over time.

2) Using a Paper Towel or an Old T-Shirt to Clean the Paint

Some car owners use an old t-shirt or a paper towel to clean their car, but this is not advisable because it could leave behind lint and streaks on the glass. It’s better to have specific items designated for the job.

Additionally, vehicle owners also continue using car washing towels even if they drop on the ground accidentally. A car washing towel that comes in contact with the ground now contains dirt and debris, including rock particles that can leave behind ugly scratches on your vehicle. So, remember to clean the washing towel properly if you drop it.

3) Not Using Lubrication

Lubrication makes it easier to get dirt and grime off the car’s surface, preventing scratching the surface in the process. Some people use soap or shampoo to do this job, but they are not suitable for this purpose. Spray wax is better to use when it comes to getting all of those hard-to-reach areas on your car.

4) Not Cleaning from Top to Bottom –

A lot of car owners skip the top and start at the bottom, which is a mistake. They think it will be easier to work their way up, but they don’t realize that all of those dirty particles are being pushed onto other surfaces like windows and doors and between crevices where dirt accumulates.

It’s better to go top-to-bottom when washing your car so you can avoid scratching anything while all of these grime particles get cleaned off too.

Cleaning and detailing are an integral part of vehicle maintenance. If you’re looking for a reliable car detailing company in Ocean City, Inside Out Car Care offers the quality maintenance services you need. Get a free estimate for our services now!