3 Questions About Car Wax That People Don’t Ask Often

3 Questions About Car Wax That People Don’t Ask Often

Have you ever noticed how some cars always seem to look as if they’ve been freshly waxed? You can’t help but wonder what their secret is. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the skill or patience required to give our car a thorough waxing regularly. It’s not for lack of trying! It’s just that some car owners get shiny and well-kept cars because they ask the right questions when they visit a service facility. Researching what they want and knowing the possible results put them in a better position to get a good bargain.

This blog post lists some critical car waxing questions that give car dealers the impression that you know enough. It will also help you understand your car’s needs better.

1) What Car Waxing Materials or Products Are You Using?

If your service center staff waxes the car using traditional DIY methods, they should not charge too much. But if they are using more expensive materials, then you can expect to pay for it. Don’t be afraid of asking them what products or materials they use on the car during waxing.

If they hesitate to answer this question, something fishy may be going on; you should get an honest answer before moving forward with any transaction.

It’s better to always go to a reliable company like Inside Out Car Care for car waxing and other detailing tasks.

2) How Long Will the Shine and Gloss Last?

This is an essential question because it affects how many times you have to pay for waxing in a year. The standard answer is that the gloss and shine will last up to six months or so if there are no harsh weather conditions in your area.

If they tell you otherwise, then get an honest explanation about what kind of harsh weather conditions can affect the quality of their work. You may also want them to provide proof such as a warranty on labor and materials supplied if they claim more extended durability than usual.

Waxing professionals should be able to give reasonable answers when answering this question without hesitation. If not, then keep looking for someone else who won’t take advantage of your lack of knowledge regarding car waxing procedures.

3) The Breakdown of Costs

Car wax specialists should not be charging you for parts of the car they cannot reach. There are areas on your vehicle that only professionals know how to get to, so they need to tell you if there will be any additional costs.

If more than one person works on your vehicle while applying and removing wax, each worker’s charge needs to be broken down into their respective work time doing tasks such as rinsing, drying, or removal.

A breakdown of costs before the team starts working will help you decide whether to proceed with the service or not. When looking for car waxing services, you need to choose a dealership that you can trust. Inside Out Car Care is a car waxing specialist in Ocean City that can give your vehicle the glossy shine you desire. Our professional car detailing and coating services are available at reasonable rates as our team breaks down the entire process for visiting customers to give them their money’s worth. Get a free estimate now!