3 Ceramic Coating Misconceptions That You Should Not Believe In

3 Ceramic Coating Misconceptions That You Should Not Believe In

When it comes to car coating, the ceramic coating is one of the best solutions out there. With 3 times the hardness and self-cleaning properties, the ceramic coating does offer you some really good advantages over other materials, such as sealants and waxes; and significantly strengthens the integrity of the original clear coat, however, you must have realistic expectations on how ceramic clean coat paint performs. Unfortunately, there are a few misconceptions among people related to ceramic coating, which need to be cleared. Here are some of them—

You don’t need to wash your car– Coatings certainly make your cars much easier to wash and the vehicles stay cleaner for a longer time, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to wash them. Your cars are still going to get dirty even with the coating and will require a wash at regular intervals.

Ceramic coatings peel off like other coats– Ceramic coat forms a very strong bond with the clear coat. Car owners often think that when an aceramic coat will fail, it’ll be like a clear coat separating from the basecoat, which is not the case. It simply wears away and you only see the beating and the dirt shedding qualities become slightly weaker.

Coatings are completely scratch-proof– Ceramic coating offers hard protection and also prevents some of the marring and swirls, but that doesn’t mean that your vehicle is completely immune to scratches. Regular and proper maintenance is critical to keeping your coating in good shape. The ceramic coating offers a “sacrificial” layer that can be removed and reapplied as required to protect the original paint below it.

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