Water Spot & Mineral Decontamination Removal In Berlin – How Do We Do It?

Water Spot & Mineral Decontamination Removal In Berlin – How Do We Do It?

Water damage sounds considerably tame as compared with other dreaded irritants like tar, debris, and chemicals that damage your vehicle. However, the fact is that water spots have the potential of damaging your car’s paint as much as the other troublesome contaminants.

What is Water Spot and Mineral Decontamination?

Water generally comes in contact with your vehicle’s exterior in three different ways: rain, water puddles on the road, and the car wash. All of these sources can cause water spot formation on your vehicle. However, the question arises: how can a small amount of water damage your vehicle’s finish?

The minerals and microscopic debris found in water are pollutants that harm your car’s paint.

Particle pollutants include microscopic elements found in forest fires and industrial plant emissions. These tiny particles can mix with water to wreak havoc on your paint’s finish. Acidic rain contains high amounts of nitric acid; combined with water spots to create a dangerous combination that requires professional attention.

At Inside Out Car Care, we specialize in water spot and mineral decontamination removal. Our specialized services in Salisbury, MD, restore your vehicle’s original look by eliminating all toxic water spots. Here are some steps you can take to restore a car riddled with water spots and mineral contaminants.

The Vinegar Solution

Vinegar acts as a great counter to minerals with a high pH factor, making it an excellent water spot remover. At Inside Out Car Care, we use vinegar to treat water spots that contain acidic minerals such as calcium hydroxide.

Our professionals survey the vehicle before deciding on a line of action. We then use distilled water, a sponge, an ordinary vinegar solution, and a clean microfiber towel for vinegar treatment. We prepare the final solution by emptying the parts of vinegar and distilled water in a bucket. Moving on, we apply the solution to the water spots with the help of a sponge and gently wipe the area using a clean towel.

Clay Removal

Detailing clay helps in removing metal fragments, including dust, pollution particles, and ash from water spots. We also use this method to remove water spots from car windows and windshields; we ensure that the hardened residue does not penetrate your vehicle’s glass surface.

A clay bar for detailing, a microfiber towel, and a clay lubricant available in a spray bottle are all you need for the clay removal process.

We lubricate the affected area using clay lubricants and lightly spread the detailing clay over the area. Finally, we wipe each section clean using the dry microfiber towel to restore your vehicle’s original look.

Water Spot Removal Products

We also use the latest water spot removal products for the most stubborn water spots on your vehicle. Equipped with the necessary products, we ensure that all mineral contaminants are eliminated and there is no sign of leftover water spots.

Residents of Berlin, can enjoy Inside Out Car Care’s specialized water spot removal services at affordable rates.

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