Water Spot & Mineral Decontamination Removal (2 hours or more)

It happens to everyone. You come out to your car in the morning to find the sprinklers have peppered the car with water. Water spots are everywhere! Most of the time we simply drive off and the water spots are forgotten. It is when this water is left on the car all day that the damage occurs. The sprinkler water contains high amounts of calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals that when left to dry it leaves mineral deposits we call water spots.

Inside Out Car Care specializes in the removal of water spots & mineral decontamination on your vehicles exterior paint and glass.  We have been performing the same process for 25 years and take every precaution to remove deposits from your vehicles exterior finish and glass safely with a process we perfected which makes our results stand out above our competition. After removing deposits on your paint we recommend package #3 Exterior Detail.