Paint Overspray and Vandalism

This process is often time consuming and difficult to do. That is why Inside Out Car Care has become the choice of many paint contractors, insurance companies and individuals. This must be done properly, and there are many different procedures depending on what is on the paint surface, the amount, and how long it’s been there.  It could be latex, enamel, or epoxy paint, concrete, oil, and the list goes on.

We approach each incident individually, trying the least invasive method to ensure damage does not occur to the vehicle’s paint. Over the years we’ve developed a few safe and sure methods for over spray removal. We carefully remove it, inch by inch, from the paint, chrome, and windows. And depending on what substance is on the rubber and plastic, we will try to remove it with some safe procedure. However, we will not use any solvents to remove over spray from your rubber and plastic, so we cannot guarantee these types of surfaces will be over spray free.  That being said, if someone says they can remove it make sure they are not using a solvent to do so.

What will a solvent do?

Using a solvent will pull the petroleum out of the rubber and plastic and cause it to turn dry and dull and to fix this you will constantly need to dress and condition those surfaces.

Whichever procedure we use to remove the substance we will always make sure your paint gets whatever is necessary to polish and seal it. We have often been told by customers that have experienced overspray on their vehicle that it was a good thing because they never realized their car could look so wonderful!

Before and after
vandalismbefore1 vandalismafter1

This was a two day project.
We saved the customer the cost of what a new paint job would have been and the estimates for a new paint job were coming in over $2000.