Odor Removal

Only on dry detailed interiors.

Chlorine Dioxide Treatment: $60

Ozone Treatment: $90

Even new vehicles can acquire unpleasant odors that build up over time. Quick methods such as burning incense, hanging an air freshener or spraying a cologne or perfume are temporary solutions at best, and rarely result in permanent odor removal.

Inside Out Car Care offers 2 different approaches to odor removal. One is Chlorine Dioxide treatment and the other is called high-ozone shock treatment, both eliminate pervasive odors such as mildew and tobacco smoke. These modern procedures are safe and eco-friendly, and can only be accomplished if the interior is dry. Depending on how strong the odor is and what it is will determine which method we will recommend.

Benefits to our automotive odor removal:

  • Cleaner smelling air
  • Reduced levels of many allergens
  • Reduced levels of microscopic organisms

For questions on automotive odor removal, contact Inside Out Car Care today.