Headlight Restoration (30min to 1 hour)

Cleaner used to remove any solvents then we use a 4 step wet sanding process, compounding, polishing, and a UV sealant.

Cloudy, yellow, and stained headlights are not only an eyesore, they also affect nighttime visibility and driver safety. Replacing modern headlights can cost on average, $450 or more plus installation. Headlight restoration by Inside Out Car Care is a cost effective alternative that can improve visibility and appearance. It involves our trained technicians to wet sand, compound, polish and seal your headlights.

Before and after
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How long does Headlight Restoration take?
The entire restoration process will take between 30 minutes and 1 hour to completely restore your lenses to factory clarity.

How long can I expect my results last?
We guarantee our results for a period of 1 year but how long your lights will stay clear depends on many factors. Weather and road conditions along with how well you maintain your vehicle may affect longevity.

Can I fix my yellowing / hazing myself?
Many companies sell self restoration kits and some are effective however, the probability of self-restoring your lenses to factory clarity without professional equipment is unlikely and the results will not last long.