Boat Detailing

Inside Out Boat Detailing servicing Easton, Cambridge, Salisbury, Ocean City and surrounding areas.


 Prices range from $22 to $26 a foot (up to 21 ft). Large boats or yachts with tiers, and cabins will be quoted upon request. Prices depend on condition of boat and how many steps involved in rejuvenate fiberglass.

Maybe a fuel charge depending on where we have to travel.

For years, our focus has been on Boat Detailing. The Eastern Shore of Maryland is home to many boat owners who enjoy life on the water. With busy work schedules and time spent with family, it is difficult finding time to provide the care that your boat deserves. Inside Out Boat Detailing recognizes that proper boat maintenance and regular detailing will not only give the shine and protection that your gel coat requires, but also helps in maintaining the value of your boat by preventing premature oxidation on most fiberglass surfaces.

Inside Out Boat Detailing offers mobile marine detailing or you can drop it off at our shop.

Hosing the bow, seats, vinyl, leather, deck, and outboards with fresh water will not protect against future damage caused by the salt air, UV rays, and the heat of the sun on the Eastern Shore during the summertime. For those who store their boats on trailers, owners experience challenges with stains from tree sap, leaves, and loose debris. Let Inside Out Boat Detailing clean your boat from top to bottom and take away the stress of marine maintenance.

What does a Professional Boat Detail include?

Hull and Topside Detailing Includes:

  • A wash and scrub of the hull, deck, bow, and stern areas with a citrus-based marine concentrate.
  • Removal of heavy stains (rust, etc.) with Mary Kate “On & Off” Hull and Bottom Cleaner.
  • Surface contamination removal with Acetone. (Used only when needed.)
  • Canvas and biminy top cleaning. (extra service, ask for price quote)
  • Clean, polish, and protect all glass, vinyl, and isinglass surfaces.
  • Polish all chrome and metal surfaces including dash and instrument gauges.
  • Clean and condition all leather surfaces including seats, and sitting areas.
  • Machine compounding fiberglass surfaces to remove oxidation.
  • Machine application of Collinite or Ardex marine waxes. (Both have high salt      resistance)

Interior Boat Detailing Includes:

  • Vacuuming all carpeted and cabin areas.
  • Spot stain removal on carpeted or fabric surfaces.
  • Cleaning and polishing all chrome pieces and windows.
  • Bathroom, Kitchen, and Shower cleaning.
  • Mildew removal  and boat cabin deodorization.
  • Treat and polish all wood and laminate surfaces.

Inside Out Boat Detailing is environmentally friendly and respects Eastern Shore waters.. We will never dump excess detailing products or contaminate waters when working at your marina, boat yard, or back yard. If you are interested in on-going marine and detailing service plans, please contact us for more information. For additional questions or to schedule an appointment please feel free to contact us.