#6 3 year Ceramic/Metal Oxide (need for 2 days)

Includes Package #5 Plus engine bay degreased and cleaned, 2-stage paint correction process that will permanently remove between 75-85% of defects such as marring, scratches, swirls and other isolated defects, 4-stage headlight restoration. All glass surfaces will be polished and coated. Windshield will be polished and coated with 3yr Glassparency coating.

Our preferred ceramic coating is a unique blend of polydimethylsiloxane and Antimony Metal Oxide that carry a flexible and very durable protective layer. After carefully prepping all surfaces our coating will be applied to all exterior painted, rubber and plastic surfaces. Our high temp ceramic wheel coating is applied to the wheel faces only.

To achieve the best optimal finish your paint may require additional stages of paint correction

–Please take a look at our description of “paint correction” under our service tab in the  a la carte section.  Recommended if you are wanting to eliminate imperfections for good in your paints finish.

BONUS PACKAGE:  Free for 3 yrs

  • Transparent warranties on: Windshield repair / Headlights / Exterior paint.
  • Free Coating Enhancement Package every year with purchase of interior detail.
  • 10% off any other services we offer for 3 years.

*Deduct $200 without paint correction

*Deduct $100 without interior detail

*Deduct $50 without headlight restoration

(Two technicians)