#3 Exterior Detail (need for the day)

Includes Package #2 Plus bug & tar removed, clay bar paint surface, water & mineral decontamination from paint, 1-stage paint correction process with a diminishing polish that will permanently remove between 65-75% of defects such as marring, scratches, swirls and other isolated defects completed with a DA polisher and foam pad, carnuba wax applied with orbital buffer or by hand, chrome polished, exterior vinyl and rubber cleaned & protected, residue removed from cracks & edges, wheel wells dressed. 1-month tire dressing, set of wiper blades. Last 4 to 6 months. .

To achieve the best optimal finish your paint may require additional stages of paint correction

–Please take a look at our description of “paint correction” under our service tab in the  a la carte section.  Recommended if you are wanting to eliminate imperfections for good in your paints finish.

*Deduct $30 without water & mineral decontamination

*Deduct $30 without clay barring

*Deduct $30 without wiper blades

*Deduct $10 without 1-month tire dressing