Rv & Trailer Detailing

Inside Out Rv and Trailer Detailing Inside Out also specializes in RV detailing to protect and keep recreational vehicle looking its best. We’ve found that many of our clients park their RVs in areas where loose dirt, leaves, and debris … Continue reading

Boat Detailing

Inside Out Boat Detailing – servicing Easton, Cambridge, Salisbury, Ocean City and surrounding areas.  Prices range from $18 to $26 a foot (up to 21 ft). Large boats or yachts with tiers, and cabins will be quoted upon request. Prices depend on … Continue reading

Odor Removal (prefer a overnight treatment)

Only on dry detailed interiors. Calcium Chloride Treatment: $60 Ozone Treatment: $90 Even new vehicles can acquire unpleasant odors that build up over time. Quick methods such as burning incense, hanging an air freshener or spraying a cologne or perfume … Continue reading

Paint Overspray and Vandalism

This process is often time consuming and difficult to do. That is why Inside Out Car Care has become the choice of many paint contractors, insurance companies and individuals. This must be done properly, and there are many different procedures … Continue reading

Engine Cleaning and Detail (1 hour)

Engine compartment is degreased with citrus base cleaner, brushed to loosen dirt , power washed with 1500 psi or steam cleaned, water based sealant applied (customer request). Engine before and after

Flood / Mold Restoration

This kind of work should only be undertaken by a professional detailer from Inside Out Car Care. We are insurance approved to tackle these tough jobs, jobs that must be done right the first time. This is one of our … Continue reading