About Us

Inside Out Car Care was started in 1981, by Joseph Farro as a part time business during his high school years in Harford County, MD and college in Salisbury, MD.  After graduating from Salisbury University in 1989 and attending numerous courses on vehicle paints and detailing classes, he opened Inside Out Car Care as a full time business in Salisbury, MD.  After years of continuing classes and training Joseph (Joe) Farro has horned in his skills to build one of the most sought after detail businesses, on the shore by insurance companies, individual, and fleet accounts.


Long story short Inside Out Car Care has become the most advance auto detailing & washing service on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

  • 1st on the shore with self contained mobile car wash units
  • 1st on the shore to offer vapor steam cleaning/ and car washing
  • Voted #1 for “Best Auto Detailing” by Metropolitan Magazine. (every year they had that category)
  • 1st to offer hand car washing in Salisbury
  • Donates over $1500 a year to local charities and schools
  • Fund Raisers Available
  • Specialize in water spot removal from paint & glass
  • Specialize in insurance approved flood and mold vehicle restoration
  • Specialize in headlight restoration
  • Specialize in wet sanding and scratch removal
  • We are insurance approved
  • We are licensed and insured
  • Now offering DIY’ers text and email responses to their questions

We are the Clear Coat Experts!

What’s Clear coat?

First off clear coat is just that, a clear coating applied over some color (base coat). Clear coat adds the illusion of a shiny finish even when mildly dirty. Very important to remember is that it is still paint! It is not something that the dealer applied when you bought the vehicle. Clear coat is applied at the factory. Just like enamels and lacquers, clear coat is still vulnerable to oxidation and scratching. Scratches are a clear coats first enemy. Even the smallest scratch will stand out. Many people think “Well my car has clear coat so it doesn’t need wax.” Wrong! It’s still paint and will always need proper maintenance from the elements. Clear coat can be very tricky to maintain. You cannot use harsh compounds on it to remove scratches or oxidation; you must use clear coat-safe compounds. We only use clear coat-safe compounds & cleaners with professional buffing machines.

Our chemicals are all professional grade and bio-degradable. Our wash methods are eco-friendly, as the amount of water we use is way below the national average that is used when washing a vehicle- either in your driveway or at a commercial car wash. We also have the capability to offer waterless and/or steam car washing if water restrictions are put in place or if the customer request it.