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Coatings After Care

Our revolutionary graphene nanotechnology-infused Atri Pro coatings
help to protect your vehicle’s factory clear coat.
It is tremendously effective at doing so.
However, it is not bulletproof and will require routine aftercare to maintain the integrity of the coating.

Things You Must Avoid During the Two-Week Curing Process
Curing time for all Atri pro coating packages is 2 weeks depending on environmental conditions such as
humidity and temperature.
Make sure to avoid the following during this time period: The coating needs time to cure.

  • Exposure to sprinklers, this may impact the coatings durability. It also can lead to water spotting on the coating.
  • Do not wash a vehicle for at least two-weeks after receiving delivery of your coated vehicle.
  • Avoid parking under trees: tree sap, leaves, and branches can cause etching and scratching on the coating.
  • Avoid allowing bird droppings, bug splatter, sap to sit on the car for more than a few days.(setting a wet towel on problem area for a minute or two to moisten contaminate then wipe lightly does the job)
  • If you feel as if your vehicle was exposed to the above situations and still not sure what to do, please contact Joe at 410-251-6580 Cell text/call.



Hand Wash
Touchless Wash


Quality car wash products with no wax.
No wax needed
Use microfiber mitt/towel to wash and dry
Wash in shade
Use spray detailer to really give you that wow factor



Automatic Brush Wash


Don’t wash in sun
Don’t wax or polish
Don’t use abrasive towels/ microfiber towels on dry surface

When cured, nanoceramic coatings are extremely durable and produce a hydrophobic surface. This means that most debris will not bond to the coated surface within a few days of exposure. However, if sticky debris such as bird droppings, bug splatter, tree sap, or tar lands on the coating, and it’s exposed to direct sunlight and heat, the contaminant may bond. If you spot clean areas of the vehicle that are contaminated with debris, clean them as soon as possible. This includes standing water caused by sprinklers, and exposure to salt water. To clean them use two, plush microfiber towels. Saturate the first one with water to remove any debris. Use the second dry microfiber towel to dry the surface.