Car Detailing: A Quick Guide To Polish Your Car like A Pro

Car Detailing: A Quick Guide To Polish Your Car like A Pro

Keeping your car looking new for years to come requires timely detailing with meticulous attention to its paint finish. On roads and amidst the natural elements such as sunlight, dirt, and rain, it is likely to lose its sheen and the impression, which are hard to regain once lost. Fortunately, you can maintain its paint finish by timely polishing it. While a professional car buffing service will be of big help, you can do it yourself and keep your vehicle in the best of conditions. Follow this guide to polish your car like a pro.

Things you need:

  • High-quality car polish
  • Car buffer
  • Car Wax
  • Microfiber towel

Step 1: Wash Your Car

Park your car in a shaded area and begin by washing it with hand. Rinse it thoroughly but do not completely dry it.

Step 2: Apply the Polish

After washing your car, the next step is to apply the polish. Since different car polishing products have a different process of application and drying time, it’s best to follow the directions written on the product label. Start with placing a clean, damp pad on the buffer and applying a moderate amount of polish on the car’s body panels. Using medium speed, spread the polish on the body; however, keep the buffer pad parallel to the paint surface to avoid swirl marks. While applying constant pressure, work back and forth over the entire panel until scratches begin to disappear. Once done, move to the next panel.

Step 3: Clean the Buffer Pad

To prevent the pad from being saturated or gummed up from the car polishing compound, wash it using a hose or power washer.

Step 4: Wash the Car Again

Once you are done applying the polish using the buffer, wash your car again and rinse dry it completely.

Step 5: Apply the Wax

Since you are not an expert in car detailing, unlike a professional car buffing service, you may leave a few swirl marks on the surface. To mask them, apply a coat of quality wax to the surface using a soft foam pad on an orbital sander. Once finished, leave the wax to dry and clean other areas of the car such as windows, interior, etc.

Step 6: Remove the wax

Once dry, clean the wax using a microfiber towel. Avoid bathroom towels or rags as they may mar the surface. Move the car into the sunlight and inspect it thoroughly.

Bottom line

Exterior detailing of your car doesn’t require a visit to a professional car buffing service, providing you know how to do it. However, to avoid hassles and save time, it’s good to get help from the professionals.

If you need help with car detailing, we can help maintain your car in tip-top condition. Get in touch with us and let our experts help you.